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[P] Seven Deadly Sins: Pride by kittydee

[P] Seven Deadly Sins: Pride


And the Pride one is up! (Sorry guys, I'm a prideful person. u_u)

This one took a little soul searching to get into (and of course a little constructive criticism from Marl). It's hard to admit that your pride is your core vice. But at the same time, I'm sort of getting to know myself more. Hey, hopefully it will start a trend and I'll be exactly who I am and be who I want to be.

In terms of the art though, one of the focuses was to avoid soft blending and to keep my brush strokes visible. It adds a pleasant texture and honestly feels more genuine as a piece. These types of pieces force me to push the darks and lights of each piece which gives a better overall aesthetic. I've always had trouble with drastic color changes in my shading, but these surely help.

As I said though, these types of images require self-discovery. I honestly wouldn't have even bothered to do it if MXXXIII hadn't helped me with concepts as well as lighting and art direction here. If anything, I REALLY want you all to know just how much he helps with every piece that comes out.

Thanks guys. We'll be offering these as soon as we've got all the business side figured out! (And of course, catching up with our commission pieces listed in our trello)

Nasir Dajoji (left-panther) belongs to MXXXIII
Cordelia (middle-manx) and Honey (right-bear) belong to me.

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