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Comments mean the world to me, I love hearing whys of liking, and whats of interest, and hows of stumbling on me and anything really...!

I post even more sporadically than I create, but both tend to come in waves unless there's interest or something I specifically get asked for!

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So, I find myself in possession of 64/100 blank postcards, my art stuff, and time...

I've been sending them out with sketches to anyone who asks. Can be a pet, a character. favorite animal, or just colors and words and shapes. Can't promise quality, but it's something to keep me busy since my brain's being a jerk!
Domestic/US only for now tho, international postage is weird and I don't want to go into the crowded offices if I don't need to.

PM me here, on twitter (same name without the underscore), or telegram (GinniAnne) with refs of what you'd like (keeping in mind it MIGHT get mussed up in the mail!). So far they've all just been artistic freedom, but I'm open to general idea to run with too...!
Even something simple can help to brighten your quarantine time. And it gives me something to do to not get sucked into mindless twitter/news doomscrolling...
I have a folder in my gallery JUST for the ones I've done so far to see some examples! LINK to that~

I'm not asking anything $$$wise for them, it's free! And some generous tippers have covered postage and the material cost of them already. But if you're in a good financial place and feeling generous, I am taking tips via PayPal. Tips from the first 32 cards done were donated entirely to animal sanctuaries/rescues... But I'm out of a job now, so only a portion of funds going forward will be donated on my end.


I ask, if you're in a good spot? Find local rescues, shelters, and educational programs that rely on public visits, tours, shows, advocacy in general and donate to them directly or ask what they need help-wise. I'll survive, somehow. Some of these animals, or people, may not.
Howling Woods Farm in NJ is my favorite of such places... Or look up charities your favorite cancelled cons usually support. They usually get really big checks from our cons, and suddenly that's disappeared for most of them...!
Plus with the BLM movement ongoing, and covid just getting worse.... I'm sure there are bail funds or grassroots organisations local to you that need support. Or bipoc creators and locals out of work in need of help.

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add  Additional Characters
from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00
add  Physical Badge
$ 5.00

Animal Crossing Chibi

Any Editions Icon as BG
from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00
add  Holding an Item
$ 5.00

Half or Full Bodies

Basic Sketch
$ 20.00
Color or Detailed Sketch
$ 30.00


Cone Head
$ 10.00
Floating Face or Bust
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00


Face, Arms/Hands
$ 15.00
Just a Face
$ 10.00
Multiple Limbs and Added Tail
$ 20.00



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    You are an interesting fellow, here’s a follow!! You earned it!!


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    I appreciate the favorite! Thank you! :)

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      Im not always active on here anymore, but when I get a chance to browse I love stumbling on the cute little things I come across... Your Ralsei is adorable!!!

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        Understandable! Things are usually slowest for me on Weasyl so comments here make me really happy! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I thank you for the kind words! :D

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    Thanks for the fav on the deer piece.

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      It's rly simple, but it's adorable and caught my eye as I was browsing submissions. ^^ You're welcome!