Derifei Species Doodle by Kitsuda

Derifei Species Doodle


2 March 2013 at 03:52:51 MST

A Doodle of a Beastie i made with animal parts and what not XD i may adopt out thease two but i will be tweaking the species a little and keeping that soo..enjoy ^^

Random stuff about them

They Are as large as Elephants But are not genital giants the males will kill anything that gets in there way specially when around a 'Mare' in heat, Females will kill if agitated or if there young is threatened.

Males heard with other males grouping in 4 or 6s.

Females stay in a 'Family' group unless the group gets to large then they may join up with another group of females or stay with a group of males for a while. Family groups can consist of 3-28 females (not including young).

They are Mammals that lay eggs.

Males will crush/kill young if they are not theirs and get in the way of breeding.

Females can have up to 3 eggs only 2 will make it to adulthood if lucky.

Males depart around 10 years old.

Males are Sexually mature at the age of 4 years Females at 7 or 8 years.

Life Span can rang from just born/lain to 1000 years or more.

in the group there is an Alpha male/female they are the largest strongest oldest and wisest.

Females do not have that bottom tusk.

they are curved in a wool like coat ecsept on the trunk bottom lip and ears they have no hair. (head fur tends to be softer)

Large shell on back of both male and females.

They can be ridden if you can tame one.

i may actually make a Bio for them when i am not lazy

if you have any questions about them ask.

Art and species (c) :iconkitsuda:

Paper texture i have had idk were it is but if you now link me plz~!

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