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[Fur the More] Friday night Kegs!

Yes, I know some of you guys have been waiting for more info regarding the Friday Night Kegs sponsored by Raging Dragon Radio ( so here goes:

The All-U-Can Drink Friday Night Party in the Paddock Lounge & Bar at the hotel has returned, though some things have changed so listen up!

-- Like last year, this event is restricted to attendees 21+ for obvious and legal reasons. You WILL be carded and we are giving out wristbands.

-- There will be a small cover charge this year for the event. It will be $3 at the door for All U Can Drink all night. However, remember, YOU will be responsible for your own consumption. The bartenders are also trained to cut you off if they feel you've had enough.

-- Raging Dragon Radio will be broadcasting its radio show, LIVE, at the event. This show comes with its own disclaimer: This show may be offensive to some people due to language and content.

-- Please, PLEASE, PLEASE... just because the beer is all u can drink... doesn't mean you should not have to tip the bartenders and waitresses. They will be working extremely hard to keep you going all night...the least we can do is thank them and tip them.

and now the most IMPORTANT information that you have been waiting for....

As of right now we are aiming for a keg (each) of:

  • Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Not only is it themed, but it's a fantastic local IPA brewed right in Baltimore. The allow tours of their brewery daily and are located about 30 min. from the convention hotel.

  • Angry Orchard Apple Cider - This needs no introduction. LOL

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    I love you too, peanut butter!

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    Yes the banner is grainy. It was taken in a rave where I was DJing. :-)