Twisted Pairs - Chapter 05 - Part 1/2 by kishniev

Twisted Pairs - Chapter 05 - Part 1/2


4 August 2015 at 13:38:33 MDT

Chapter 05 - Part 1/2

Only dark things can happen after dark. Emilian remembers what brought him to this place, and tries to find a way out.

Pro-tip: notice that sweet abstract graphic on the top of the page? It's a synthetic, computer-generated art/printout I got by injecting electrical noise into a PCL5 laser printer parallel interface lines while it was receiving data from a Windows print spooler.

Pro-tip 2: Gotthard should be Colia's friend and landlord. Remember Colia from Gorky's Xmas Carol? Meep. More to come.

I had to split this chapter, because Weasyl has a 10 Mb limit on the PDF files.

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    I'm not even gonna ask why you were trying electroshock therapy on some poor printer. ^^"

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      There was no damage done!
      I assure you that the noise was generated by a passive components only.
      I'd never torture my 1996 LaserJet with external voltages outside of TTL range. ^^

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      Which reminds me, I forgot to post the Introduction/Prologue pages, which are full of those PostScript Pollock digital delirium.

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        So, more like digital LSD than EST? I still hope you got a signed consent slip. :|

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          Before and afterwards I printed a test page, it was alright. So I suppose there was no permanent damage to his 16 Mhz brain.