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Now you want to talk with me? by Ki-Re

Now you want to talk with me?


21 September 2016 at 05:09:55 MDT

Kusaini was going back from her hunting lesson with her only friend here, Scar. She told him about how she had tracked down alone a wildebeest bull, and run away from him after Zazu pointed out her position.
That little rat, Simba, got himself in problems again. Of course, everyone had to know about that. Because why not.
But when she spotted her father, the silence was brought immediately. Reddish eyes were directed straight on the king.

  • What do you want, my lord?
  • Kusaini... we need to talk. Please. - quietly said the golden king. Scar smiled lightly, when young lioness burst out laughing.
  • Now you want to talk with me? No. No way... daddy. Do you remember those times, when I wanted to speak with you? Yes? Great, I have nothing more to say. Come on, Scar. We have nothing to do here. Dark maned lion followed his niece... but he didn't mind to look on Mufasa's leaving silhouette and smirk cunningly. Great job, brother... The great failure of great, magnificent Mufasa.

Kusaini (C) me
Mufasa, Scar (C) Disney

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