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Kindred Spirits by KiRAWRa

Kindred Spirits


Ushering in the new year with my holiday Eskchange art for EloMacc featuring their Esk 5372 "sparking" a friendship with Daf!

While out patrolling their mountain boundary, 5372 stumbles across Daffodil who is busily gathering some shiny rocks that are scattered about. 5372 has quite an impressive shiny rock in their own collection, and seeing this as a common interest, decides to share it with Daf. Both esks excitedly compare their treasures to see whose is bigger, but when the two crystals clack together, something amazing and unexpected happens - a flash of light!
The two esks have accidentally discovered triboluminescence!

I always feel a little weird about including my own characters in something that is supposed to be a gift, but I hope 5372 enjoys meeting somebody new! ;u;

I can't even remember the last time I attempted a fully lineless illustration like this, but I intend to do a lot of art exploration in 2023, so why not get a head start! I also learned how to make and use blending brushes for the first time on this piece, which was fun. What do you think of the result?
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    This is lovely, and what an exciting new thing to discover about a shared interest!!