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Elemental Tiger Adopts [SOLD] by KiRAWRa

Elemental Tiger Adopts [SOLD]


11 July 2021 at 17:01:02 MDT

Was struck by the sudden inspiration for another batch of tiger adopts! I didn't plan for it to be an elemental theme, but it just kinda came together that way.
Did you know that my [Patrons] get first dibs and discounts on adoptables? Patrons at Pack Rat level ($20) and above also get access to lineart bases (including this tiger) that can be used for profit.
Consider directly supporting my art and getting some great benefits along with it! ♥

ADOPTS: $75 USD Each

• Canopy: Sold to Uniporno (FA)
• Molten: Sold to Ignatiaus (DA)
• Ballpoint: Custom for Deja-Brew (DA)
• Voltaic: Sold to SharkBite


  • Upon receipt of full payment, you will get: full sized PNG file and rights to do whatever you like with the character. This includes using it for profit-based projects, changing the species/name/gender, etc.
  • You will own the character but you will not own my artwork. Do not use my art for profit, do not reuse, manipulate, or deface my artwork.
  • Include a link or credit to me (KiRAWRa) as the artist/designer if you re-upload the artwork anywhere.
  • Do not resell the character for higher than the purchase price, unless you have added value with extra art, commissions, and content.
  • Small changes can be made upon request for free or a small fee (ie: "I would prefer if the stripes were blue instead of red").
  • By purchasing, you agree that you have read, understood, and will adhere to these terms. You agree that you are of legal age and have full permission to make this transaction. Failure to comply may result in sales and/or character rights being revoked, and a ban on purchasing from me in the future.

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    I love this; your style is really good. It's really stylized while still being realistic.

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      Thank you! ♥

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    I love how the elements are worked into the designs as the tigers' stripes! really cool!

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      Thank you! I love seeing how abstract I can get with what constitutes a "stripe" XD