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Swiftwind's Audition by KiRAWRa

Swiftwind's Audition


19 December 2020 at 15:41:22 MST

Swifty heard about a casting call in his area and decided to audition! What film wouldn't want to feature a majestic bald eagle? The wardrobe crew offered to help him "look more the part", but THIS certainly wasn't what he expected! 😮

Inspired by my [nakey JP-raptor], this is a little commission for [Swiftwind] I decided to squeeze in between my other projects. Swifty was actually one of my earliest commissioners, way back in 2011 with [this] picture, and happened to run into me again recently on FA. I'm really glad for the opportunity to revisit this character and see just how much my drawing methods have changed over the years!

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