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Aywas RCC: Virgo by KiRAWRa

Aywas RCC: Virgo


Aywas Rock Custom Crystal pet for the month of September. I was shocked to realize I hadn't yet made a unicorn for RCC, but it happened to fit perfectly for Virgo!

This is the first pet done for Aywas created entirely using Clip Studio Paint. I actually lost access to Photoshop CC very suddenly, and had to go on a hunt for a new drawing program last minute. Truth be told, it's a great opportunity to finally get out of the Adobe ecosystem, but the transition has still been pretty jarring for me. Getting used to an unfamiliar program and having to remake all your settings and custom brushes virtually overnight is no easy feat, but I tried my best not to let my struggles affect the quality of this pet too much.

Artwork: DeviantArt | FurAffinity | Weasyl
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