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GABB The Crew by KiRAWRa

GABB The Crew


A little snippet from my section of the recently finished "Good at Being Bad" animation MAP hosted by the AH Art Crew!

You can see my whole segment [HERE]
And the completed MAP [HERE]

This is the first animation project I've ever participated in, and only the second complex animation I've ever done. It involved a LOT of trial and error, and I completely lost track of how many back-breaking hours this took me. At one point, I found myself just lying vacantly on the floor because I had spent all day trying to draw someone's hair, just to erase it all anyway. I genuinely have no idea how animators do it, this art form is a special kind of torture.

Nevertheless, I am really happy with the progress I made and with how it all came together! I drew all my frames in Photoshop CC with its rudimentary timeline feature, and then used a 7-day free trial of Adobe After Effects to string it all together with fancy camera movements. You can see all my WIPs and full animated segment in the youtube link above.

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