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Rescreatu Avatars: Auras by KiRAWRa

Rescreatu Avatars: Auras


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Can you believe after all this time, I still have art from Res that I haven't posted? (Well you better believe, because I have mountains of it)
I actually avoided posting any of my human avatar work because they're so difficult to organize, but I think I have a good system figured out now. Most of this art is going to be from 2010-2015, so it's not exactly "gallery-worthy", but it feels freeing to brush the dust off and finally get this work out in the open. I know a good handful of my watchers are still hanging around from my Res days, so y'all might get a kick out of seeing these.

The rainbow aura was originally released for an Easter event, and the flame auras were for Halloween.
Human avatar bases were made by xeeroh.

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