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Lab Rat Duskky by KiRAWRa

Lab Rat Duskky


20 March 2020 at 14:49:12 MDT

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Hey! Are you sick of rats yet? If not, consider getting your OWN little lab rat during my [Kickstarter], launching soon!

Just a little guy that's been sitting in my [Toyhouse], waiting for some art for a while.
He was an adopt originally created by random3fandom that I debated back and forth on, but eventually convinced myself I didn't need.
Then... about 3 months passed and I went shit, I need it.
Was luckily (and gratefully) able to do an art trade with the previous owner in order to get him C:
I've actually wanted to have a rat-dog hybrid OC for a long time, so this serves as a great excuse!

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