String art: Awoo! by KiRAWRa

String art: Awoo!


3 February 2020 at 17:48:17 MST

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You may or may not be aware of my yearly December tradition: Making Christmas gifts by hand and trying a brand new craft I've never done before!
It becomes more of a challenge every year to find things that meet all the criteria of being entirely new to me, affordable, achievable, and gift-worthy, but this past holiday season I found a perfect candidate: String art!

I created 9 unique designs for my friends and family, all made entirely from nails and string on a wooden plaque. The above design (wolf) was my first attempt.
Patrons get to see WIP photos and a [tutorial] for how I made these!

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    Brilliant, this is really creative! Wouldn't have thought to use materials like these.

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      Thank you so much! There's really a lot you can do with string art, especially when you start doing more complex images with colored string!

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    The coolest string art I have seen!!

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      Thank you so much!