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KiRAWRa's 2019 Art Summary by KiRAWRa

KiRAWRa's 2019 Art Summary


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Decided to participate in one of these yearly recap things, since 2020 is arguably a special transition compared to previous years. Plus, I haven't made one of these [since 2010] so I guess it's a decade trend now (and it's both hilarious and horrifying to me that both charts feature a lot of the same characters - I've never drawn anything new, apparently!)
I really jumped into 2019 headfirst with January's art. I wanted to start the year off with a bang, and try to challenge myself in every successive month. Looking back, I think I can say I did a pretty good job of that. There were things that happened this year beyond my control, things that really set me back, but I think I managed as well as I possibly could have with what I did have control over. I was able to focus more on my own characters this year, and it really helped me reconnect with my passions and inspirations. I really tried to branch out with new things including animation, custom PS brushes, various crafts, and honed in on my digital painting style. I got a lot more comfortable with myself as a person, my interests, and what my characters represent and mean to me. Most prominently, I really dove into finally drawing more human art during the later part of this year! I really have to thank Kittygomou for being the driving force behind that (though here it looks less impressive as three successive "man-looking-left"s lmao).
I really made a LOT of art this year, many things that I'm very proud of, and I feel encouraged to keep the momentum going into 2020. If there's any wisdom I can impart on you from this past year: Unapologetically celebrate what you love. Do what you're passionate about, draw what makes you happy, create all the mary-sues and sparkledogs and fan OCs that your heart desires. Don't let the negativity in your head stop you from enriching your own life. Don't hold yourself back because of the perceptions of people who don't matter. Never punish yourself for creating. You will make so much more art, so much better art, if you let yourself freely enjoy what you're making.

Happy new year everybody c: ♥

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