Telperion and Laurelin - Wire Trees by KiRAWRa

Telperion and Laurelin - Wire Trees


16 June 2019 at 02:53:24 MDT

One of the 14 wire trees I made this past Christmas as gifts for my friends and family. I like to try new crafts every year around the holidays, and wire wrapping seemed like something quick to learn with very elegant results!

These two trees were made for my mom and step-dad! They're big LotR nerds so I attempted to out-nerd them by making Telperion and Laurelin, the two trees of Valinor. Some years back I made my mom the White Tree of Gondor in stained glass, so it seemed appropriate to continue the theme and make that tree's parents this time around.
Laurelin is the gold tree, representative of "female" and source of the Sun. Telperion is the silver tree, representative of "male", and source of the Moon.
The little sun and moon charms came in a mixed pack I ordered specifically for these trees, but all the suns were a darker, tarnished looking bronze color, so I hand painted the sun with metallic paint to help it match the bright gold a little better.

These are the last trees I made as Christmas gifts, but I still have plenty of materials left over, so I expect to be making some more and throwing them into my Etsy shop sometime! c:

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    Woah, these are super beautiful! <3

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      Thank you! ♥