Dilophosaur Planter Centerpiece 2 by KiRAWRa

Dilophosaur Planter Centerpiece 2


22 March 2019 at 03:44:44 MDT

Another of the faux-succulent dinosaur planters I made for my friends and family as Christmas gifts in 2017.
I know this idea isn't anything new, this style of planter has exploded in popularity especially in the Etsy/Pinterest/DIY type circles, but I hoped to make mine stand out as unique by adding a decorative base and extra mossy ornamentation.
I made 15 total (only took photos of 12), most of them were dinosaurs but a handful were safari animals. This is the second Dilophosaurus, this time with a red plant instead of green - made from a (terribly inaccurate) repurposed toy, wooden base, plastic succulent replica, acrylic paint, and real preserved moss!

Want to know how this was made? Check out the [tutorial]!

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