Zyrax #13 - Helix by KiRAWRa

Zyrax #13 - Helix


25 February 2019 at 01:43:19 MST

I was recently invited by TaNa-Jo to be a guest artist for her closed species group, Zyrax-Realm! One of the perks is getting to design my own Zyrax, so here's my boy Helix as practice for drawing the species. Turns out to be a really fun species to draw and design! Look forward to 4 upcoming adoptables from me, which will be uploaded and available in the next few days. In the meantime, why don't you check out the group and get to know the species a bit? c:

What are Zyrax?
Zyrax are mutated creatures spawned from radioactive newts. They eat toxic waste and exude highly acidic drool that is dangerous to the touch. Most are feral, deadly, and a threat to human livelihoods, but some can learn to trust humans or be tamed if raised from the egg, even so far as being employed by clean-up crews to rid areas of toxic sludge. Because of their affinity for water, they are uncomfortable around electricity and fire. They have a wide variety of traits and can come in any color or pattern (though some rarer than others)!

Zyrax are a closed species owned and created by TaNa-Jo

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