What if Sauropod but Fluffy by KiRAWRa

What if Sauropod but Fluffy


8 December 2018 at 04:07:12 MST

Another entry to Aywas' hybrid design contest, this was a mix I chose just to have an excuse to draw copious amounts of fluff. The result of Raffi x Heggal (a giraffe crossed with hedgehog) is apparently a mammalian sauropod? I nicknamed it "Pemogo", which takes partial inspiration from the cryptid Ogopogo.

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    I love your fluffy creation so much!

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      Ahhh thank you! ♥

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    From all the designs I have seen, i think this is my favorite, cute and original indeed!

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      Ahh thank you, I'm glad you like this one! n.n ♥