Team Nice Darkky-mite by KiRAWRa

Team Nice Darkky-mite


3 December 2018 at 05:19:57 MST

In what may be a contender for one of the most obscure crossovers ever, here are two Darkky OCs based on some dynamite bois! I was a fan of lUPISVUIPES work and the Audience animation way back in the day, so I tried to harness that original Darkky style here. I only found out a few months ago that the character was traded to a new owner and sprouted an entire group inside-darkkys-mind dedicated to fan-Darkkys. They can be based on just about anything, but I wasn't sure what to design for the longest time. Once I discovered there were no Achievement Hunter or Rooster Teeth Darkkys, I knew just what to make!
Half fan-characters, half an excuse to draw sparkledogs instead of practice humans, and 100% self-indulgent. Please feel free to draw more Darkky-AU inspired characters and indulge with me ♥

Credit to Lupis for the original Darkky concept
Darkkys owned by LucidNaturae
Michael & Gavin from Rooster Teeth

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