Komodo Dragon Companion Bookmark by KiRAWRa

Komodo Dragon Companion Bookmark


8 November 2018 at 04:06:29 MST

Now here's something I've had in my product catalogue for a long time but for some reason, completely overlooked ever posting it to my gallery. I'm known to do some photography here and there, and if I happen to snap any good critter photos, I'll make them into a bookmark accompanied by a little digital rendition as a reading buddy!
This one here features the Komodo Dragon, which you can get on Etsy! There's also an Arctic Fox available.

I hope to be able to make more of these (there's raccoon and meerkat ones that have never been printed) but I've had a hard time locating a suitable and affordable way to print them. The photopaper and lamination method pictured above was too costly, so unfortunately my stock is extremely low and I don't know when they'll make a return after these are gone.

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