Aywas RCC: Merpup by KiRAWRa

Aywas RCC: Merpup


1 September 2018 at 05:34:25 MDT

Aywas Rock Custom Crystal for the month of August! I've had a lot of requests for something "super cute" so I guess my past submissions haven't been cutting it... hopefully this precious little merpup fills your heart with squee! ♥

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    So cute! Kinda reminds me of Furvilla bases. I love the golden rim lighting~

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      Thank you! I haven't played Furvilla since launch, but they do have a mammal-shark base, don't they? :0 Or at least I think I've seen painties like that.

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        Not sure. I know there's an option to morph a villager into a manokit but that's about it :3 Manokits are so adorable ;w;

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          Yes that's the name of it! Didn't know what it was called