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Ain't no party like a pinata party by KiRAWRa

Ain't no party like a pinata party


8 August 2018 at 16:59:45 MDT

Latex for graffitiedwolf234
They drew my OC [Olé] in 2017, and this year I noticed they uploaded a new piñata character, so obviously there was only one course of action: Piñata trade!

Last year I received a burst of attacks right at the end of the event, and wasn't able to revenge them all in time. I've kept those attacks in my inbox all year and am starting off by finally revenging them! Thank you for waiting a whole year!

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    This is making my eyes bleed but it's so pretty so I must endure it

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      ahaha yeah my art might have a couple side-effects like that!

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        w o r t h i t