Rad Dinos! Amargasaurus Charm by KiRAWRa

Rad Dinos! Amargasaurus Charm


12 July 2018 at 20:00:38 MDT

Sale in my Etsy store! All dinosaur charms are 25% off!

Took some new photos of all my dinosaur charms to coincide with the sale going on in my Etsy store right now.
Amargasaurus was a sauropod from Argentina, known only from a single skeleton discovered in 1984. The two parallel rows of spines down its neck and back are taller than in any other known sauropod, and their exact use and function is still debated!

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    Totally rad bro

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    this is so cool! one of my favorite dinosaurs

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      Nice, mine too! Always glad to meet others who have heard of it n.n