Rescreatu: Virtual Pet Tutorial by KiRAWRa

Rescreatu: Virtual Pet Tutorial


30 April 2018 at 16:25:57 MDT

This is a tutorial I put together 2 years ago after I quit working at Rescreatu. The original forum post, along with more tips for virtual pet drawing and an extensive FAQ, can be found here on the website. I realized that there are probably plenty of people who might benefit from this that aren't on Rescreatu, so I've compiled it into one easy-reference image! Keep in mind that this only teaches the standard site style for Rescreatu, please refer to [this tutorial] for something more up-to-date on how I do my current renderings.

Want a better look at how this file is set up? [Download the PSD]

Learn better by watching? Check out my drawing videos: [Mutant Mirabilis] [Candy Shaefu] [Teen Noctis]

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    Rescreatu Was my childhood omg

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      It was certainly a huge part of my developmental art career! :D The first place I got officially hired at for graphic design ♥

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        Omg that was you???? Your art was incredible!!!!! Thank you so much

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          Haha aww, well thank you! ♥