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I put all my OCs in a box by KiRAWRa

I put all my OCs in a box


27 March 2018 at 02:08:19 MDT

You guys know ArtFight, right? I know I'm gearing up for it a little early here (it's not until June) but my OCs are so neglected, I'm going to need all the time I can get if I want to give them proper refs before the next art fight. Each character has a 200px preview window, and while most people just settle for a cropped image of their character's head, I thought it'd be real cute to make little OC tiles. If nothing else, it has really helped get me re-familiarized with some of my OCs - I genuinely haven't drawn some of these guys in a decade. It makes me wonder how many you might be able to name, or even recognize? hehe

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    These are so cool. I've been making fullbody pixels for my OCs character tiles.

    THese are all so cool and nicely designed.

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      Oh man, I am impressed by anyone who can do pixel art, I've never been any good at it!
      Thank you!

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    Wow these are all super neat! They're so tiny but still so detailed and they all have really stellar color layouts/designs!

    Makes me want to try some pixel art even more!

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      Thank you! I'm glad that despite most of my OCs being sparkledogs, you can at least tell them apart! haha