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Custom Velociraptor Plushie by KiRAWRa

Custom Velociraptor Plushie


Oh boy I'm excited to finally post this one! :D
Back in March of this year I got a huge order of [Radioactive Velociraptor charms] from a lovely lady named Linda. She told me she was the coach of a high school hockey team called the "Velociraptors" and was looking for cute raptor-themed memorabilia, and that she enjoyed the charms so much she wondered if I could create a plushie like my [other birds] modeled after the charms to be the team's "mascot". I was really busy with preparing for a convention at the time, so it wasn't until around September that I could actually get to working on making a plush.
The original plan was to just modify my archaeopteryx pattern, but I ended up creating a brand new life-size velociraptor one! It has special details like individual fingers and toes, eyelids, and parts sewn together by hand. It took over 30 hours and I had to remake the head twice, but I'm SO glad I took on this project and am super proud of the result! I think Linda and her hockey team really enjoyed it too n.n

There's a possibility I might make more velociraptor or dino-themed plushies in the future, but this particular one is one-of-a-kind and will not be reproduced. In the mean time, you can get charms, buttons, and stickers with the dino designs this was based on over at my [art shop]!


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    oh my!! this is adorable, I honestly had no idea you were so skilled in plushie-making +o+

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      Ahh thank you!
      I don't get to do it as often as I'd like because it takes quite a long time and I have a habit of completely remaking my patterns every time I craft a new plushie. There's still a lot I have to learn but hopefully one day I can really get into it and make a bunch!

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        that sounds like kind of a pain in the butt but it's great that you learn something new every time +o+

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          Haha it's totally a pain in the butt! I'm just never satisfied with the patterns but that's what practice is for I suppose ;0

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    ahh this is so precious!

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      Thank you!