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Drawtober: Day 20 - Candlelit Gravekeeper by KiRAWRa

Drawtober: Day 20 - Candlelit Gravekeeper


20 October 2017 at 16:15:35 MDT

I had a really interesting idea for this one but not sure how well I executed it.. hehehe
'bout time I did some classic blue and orange :P

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    I could fave this one for the concept alone. The mousetrap/gravestone deal you've got goin' on here is a really creative idea. Add to that, the color scheme is great, and perfects the lighting of the piece.

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      thank you so much! I'm glad the idea comes through, I was afraid I'd made it too subtle, or at least some people said they thought the mousetraps were doors

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        When I saw the teeny tiny preview image in the root folder, I actually thought they were police boxes like the Tardis! :P So, I guess I can see the confusion, though it certainly comes across better when looking at the full-size picture.

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          hahaha they could totally pass as Tardis(es?) at a glance!

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            I believe the correct form of plural for Tardis is, "a flock of Tardeese."