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Drawtober: Day 14 - Flesh Ripper by KiRAWRa

Drawtober: Day 14 - Flesh Ripper


Some overdue things finally making an appearance! Firstly, not sure how much longer I could have gone doing a rat+halloween series without including a dissection, and secondly - actual rats! Credit to my lovely girl Harvey for playing the role of "labrat" for my photoshoot.

Today's drawing went through several iterations before finally arriving at what it is. I started out intending to do an anatomically correct dissection, but the reference images squicked me out so bad I opted for a clean skeleton instead. It was still a little unnerving, so I went with a radioactive zombie green, and eventually we landed on the theme of "laboratory study" with the addition of the scientific notes. Not what I intended when I started, but I like the end result anyway!

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