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~ Hollofox's Dragon ~ by Kira Swiftpaw

~ Hollofox's Dragon ~

Kira Swiftpaw

16 November 2012 at 20:59:44 MST

So.. extremely long story short, this is part of a 'trade' I did with Hollofox. I had quite a few friends that talked about buying me a copy of Diablo III to play with them, but when the time came, suddenly no one was able to! Imagine that! XD

I'm not trying to poke them for it or anything. I know they had reasons they couldn't and I was rather touched they all wanted to do something so nice for me~

Then Hollofox asked for my address and soon a copy arrived on my doorstep! He wanted to just give it as a gift, but I have issues with people getting me gifts that we won't get into right now, so he suggested a trade instead. He wanted a chain dragon, and a couple other lil things (Second Life stuff) for the copy of Diablo III.

So here it is! He wanted a silver dragon with a black tummy, blue eyes and blue and purple alternating scales~

Thanks so very much again hun~


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