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Avalanche by kippurable



So here's a reference for a wolf character I created; Avalanche is her name. Really that was just the first name I could think of, no specific story behind it. I know it's quite ironic though since she lives in the deserts. But you can just call her Ava.

Avalanche is kind of a loner wandering the dunes, occasionally meeting someone but she likes to do her traveling alone. As for her design; her body is a normal wolf body, although she may be a bit skinnier and her ears are a bit larger. Her fur coat is shiny, dark reddish-brown like that, no markings or random items. Eyes are orange. All in all, very simple character. Actually Journey the game inspired me for the background and desert theme, the game has some very beautiful scenes similar to this.

Photoshop CS5 and Bamboo tablet.

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    I like your color scheme. Nice job capturing the fluffy wolf coat, too.

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      Thanks! I see a lot of stuff I could do better here, after all it's almost 2 years old. :3

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        Ah, the artist's curse, never satisfied. ;) I know how that is!

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          Hehe yeah, in a way it's useful when that happens, makes you want to improve and all that! But also causes a lot of needless frustration. xD

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            When friends and relatives compliment my work sometimes I feel like they're patronizing me or something, because GOSH how can ANYONE overlook this one horrible glaring flaw??? It's obviously horrible! Heh.

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              Haha I totally share that feeling with you!