Apto April #1 - #6 by KinkyTurtle

Apto April #1 - #6


16 May 2020 at 01:01:25 MDT

There was a drawing project thingy going on on Twitter called Apto April (search the #AptoApril hashtag), with drawing prompts for pics of characters with unusual anatomy. I wanted to participate, but my finger was injured, so I couldn't jump in for about a week, and I decided to catch up by doing the first 6 prompts all together. Then for some reason I spaced on posting the pics anywhere other than Twitter and FurAffinity. So anywhere here they are on this site!

  1. Too big: A giant dragon can't go to regular movie theaters like regular people.
    2. Too small: A tiny mouse can go to regular movie theaters, but needs help from his cat friend.
    3. Handy: Having 7 or 8 or so hands sure makes dealing with toll booths a lot easier!
    4. Kitchen: This horse is a talented cook who finds having two heads useful... mostly.
    5. Office: Liansk, an armless three-legged frog is getting pretty darn sick of that one coworker who thinks he's soooo hilarious.
    6. At home: Back when Teleia used this old TV with no remote, she didn't find it inconvenient at all. She just stretched her arms.

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