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I am a proud and unique individual with my little quirks and flaws. I may not conform to what people consider normal but I am happy with who I am. I am a rough around the edges, I swear like a trucker, and have quite the dirty mind, I don't mind getting dirty and playing in the mud, proud farm girl and tomboy, I would much rather wear ratty jeans and a hoodie than a dress or skirt or anything fancy. I am me. :3 If you wanna know something about me or ask me something go for it I don't bite. Also I can't draw to save my life all the art here is drawn by others so please if you fave it here please show the original artist the same love. Thanks guys! :3

I have two sona's my main sona is Kin a gerbil sized Australian Shepherd x Grey Wolf x Swift Fox (yes I'm a micro figure I'm small IRL so why not) and Maverick a Snow Leopard x Saber Tooth Tiger shes got the coat and markings of the snow leopard but has the build of a saber tooth ... minus the tail she has the snow leopard tail and its long and fluffy :3

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Figuring this out

Welp figured the new year should bring some changes and since I'm getting tired of FurAffinity being down every other day I decided to check out this site so forgive me while I figure out the lay out and how the site works.

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    Nice art to you!

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      Thanks but its all drawn by various artists and not me

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    Thanks for the Kin!!

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      Thanks for the kin? Ha ha you're welcome :3

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        This is what I get for doing this in a hurry, and on a touchscreen. Oops! XD

        I meant thanks for the follow, but I guess I'm thankful for you, too. XD <33

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          Ha ha figured you meant thanks for the follow but got a pretty good giggle from it :3

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