// P // Chiiri Ref Sheet // by KingMiyo

// P // Chiiri Ref Sheet //


11 March 2014 at 17:42:53 MDT

This is the first time I've ever had my own adopt from any species I've had. I'm shocked and amazed how in-love with this species I am oh no.

Chiiri is your basic Past Seeker. She spends her time eating fruit and playing with other Seekers all the while dodging the fucking hell out of anyone that might want to capture her as their new slave/pet. She's actually very sweet and social to other Seekers but to anyone who's not of her species she comes off as nervous, panicky, and overly defensive. Most of the Seekers in her little pact have heard 'ghost stories' of Seekers that were over-worked to death so all of them are super afraid of any outsiders.

Extremely wary and cute is how I like my lolis don't look at me.

Anyway, I really like this and how it feels to make these so you'll prob see art of her more often than not. ; v ; <333 I really need to do my customs and commissions ORZ WHEEZE

Chiiri © Me
Seekers © Me

Seekers are a closed species, please do not create your own.

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    I really love the design of this species. They're all so freaking adorable!