Crimson is now available for purchase by Kindar

Crimson is now available for purchase


12 February 2018 at 07:25:35 MST

Crimson is book 2 in the Tristan series, if you want to read the first chapter, you can go here: or you can find the e-stores selling the novel through here:

Here is the back cover blurb for the novel

Alexander Bartholomew Crimson only ever wanted a few things out of life. a good job, friends and a man to love, no an alien man to love. He got the first even before he was done with school, the second not long after he started his new job, on a new planet.

The third he'd given up on by the time he met Jack, a tall, handsome, funny, loving furry Samalian, and for a few weeks, Alex didn't think life could be any better.

Only, then Jack was taken from him by another Samalian. not only that, but he was then accused of being that Alien's accomplice on the attack on his company, being held in a cell and questioned about something he knew nothing about.
When he was finally released, his entire view of the universe had changed, and he decided he couldn't stay, he had to go hunting for the monster who had taken his love from him. But to do that he had to steal from his company, a worse act of treason than the one he had been accused of committing. On the run from them, he takes refuge on the only ship heading in the direction he needs. A ship full of pirates.

How far will Alex have to go to make it to his destination, what will he have to sacrifice to survive among a crew of criminal who may be worse than the being he's hunting.

Will Jack even recognize who he will have to become for a chance at rescuing him?

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