TCN Interview, Dietrich Orr by Kindar

TCN Interview, Dietrich Orr

What is your name:
Dietrich Orr

Where were you born:
Pittsburgh, PA

Do you have any family:
Yeah, I do. There's Donny and Danny, Dom, and Damian, the Nephews, Alex, Arthur, Aaron, Anakin, Albert, Aiden, Adam and Pat. And an uncle, Bobby. My dad died a while back.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years:
Still sober, that's for sure. Other than that, I don't plan that far ahead. Things can change too quickly.

What is your goal:
To be happy.

What obstacles have you had in your life:
How long do you have? There were drugs, alcohol, my own ego, grief. Betraying my family.

How have you overcome them:
I was forced into rehab. Spent a few years there. I wouldn't have gone willingly. That's got to be the one thing I'm thankful Damian did. It wasn't easy, I had to deal with a lot of stuff I would rather have kept buried.

What are you most passionate about:
Weight lifting both personally and training others in it. I've sent a few hopeful on the competition circuit.

Do you have a pet peeve:
People who offer me drinks. Especially those who know I'm a recovering alcoholic. They always think they're funny, but it takes a lot of self-control not to pound their heads in the wall. No, my family doesn't do that. They've gone out of their way to accommodate me. I know Donny and Danny like a glass or two during celebrations, but I haven't seen them bring out any bottles since I've been out of rehab.

What relationship-romantic or otherwise-has been the most significant in your life:
I... Sorry, I'm not talking about this, next question.

What has been your greatest accomplishment:
Other than getting sober, I'd say it's winning the Mister Universe title five years in a row.

Your greatest failure:
I... next question.

What do you consider your greatest strength:
My physical strength. And my cock.... Am I allowed to say that?

Your greatest weakness:

Alcohol. Yeah, I know my family's known for being obsessed with sex, but I have control over my sex drive. I fight with my alcoholism.

How do you compensate for your weakness(es):

I remember that I almost destroyed my family because of my alcoholism, most of the time that kills the desire, if that's not enough I call my doctor and she'll talk me through it.

Are you well-liked? Why or why not? If not, would you want to change that? What changes would you be willing to make:
My family likes me. Outside of that I've been careful not to let anyone get too close to me. I'm still prone to give into the worshiping and I'm more aware that it isn't always a good thing now.

What one thing is essential to having a good day? Or Describe your hypothetical best day ever:
A good day. I'm not sure I'm able to have those anymore. But I'd say a good afternoon of weight training, pushing myself hard. Then spending time with my family for err, some fun and game time.

What is your decision-making process:
Ah hell. I ended up as an alcoholic. I abused drugs, took advantage of guys. I don't think my decision-making process is anything worth talking about.

Who do you admire most:
Anyone who managed to fight their alcoholism without having to resort to a rehab center. My hats off to them.

Which Deadly Sin would you be:
Lust, most definitely lust. I used to have a good deal of pride too, but the alcoholism cut that down.

Who is your role model:
I don't have any. When I was a kid I was too full of myself to think someone else was worth looking up to. Now that I'm older, I have enough to do with keeping my life in order.

What is your favorite book:
I don't know. I'm on an astronomy kick these days, so I've been reading a lot of the older classics, 'Cosmos' and 'a brief history of time.'

What is your weapon of choice:
My fists are plenty if I'm forced to get physical with someone.

Do you have any spiritual belief/s:
Can't say that I do.

If you could be in a Disney movie, what would your role be:
I don't know. I haven't watched one of those since I was a kid. The one with the fish is about all I remembered of them.

Which emoji describes you the best:
I don't bother with those things.

TCN Interview, Dietrich Orr


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