TCN Interview, Bobby Orr by Kindar

TCN Interview, Bobby Orr

What is your name:
It is Bobby Orr.

Where were you born:
In Pittsburgh, Pensylvania.

Do you have any family:
I do, two brothers, five nephews and eight great nephews. No, I have no children of my own. Oh, My kids? They're simply a group of boys, well most of them are adults now, that I mentored over the years. Yes, I still do that, even at my age. There's no age limit on making sure young boys get the chance to explore their world.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years:
I would like to still be alive, I'm seventy-four so it's in the realm of the possibility. I take good care of my health, and medicine is much better now than even when I was a kid. But I need to be realistic, I'm not a young man anymore.

What is your goal:
To live as well as I can, be there for my friends and family, and my kids, if they need me. To continue mentoring young boys.

What obstacles have you had in your life:
The financial crisis in the aught caused me a bit of bump. I didn't over extend my investing, but even those of us who didn't 'play the game' got caught in the backlash. In my personal life, well, the mentoring I do has drawn criticism at times, which I suppose is to be expected, a full grown man spending so much time with young boys will attract attention.

How have you overcome them:
I weathered the crisis the same way the other respectable investment bankers did. We stuck to sensible investments, put our client's finances before our own and remembered that like every crisis before that one, it would pass. In my personal life, I put the well being of the boys before my own. Which has meant distancing myself from certain boys at times. I did my best to help them when things quieted down, but those formative years are all important.

What are you most passionate about:
My kids and their well being. I don't think there's anything I wouldn't do for them.

Do you have a pet peeve:
People who leave their dogs out to bark all day. It's an animal, they should be taking care of it, not dumping iit in the backyard.

What relationship-romantic or otherwise-has been the most significant in your life:
I'd say my kids, but I'm guessing you're getting tired of that answer. Russel and Lum, then. My neighbors. We've been friends for years now and they are very dear to me.

What has been your greatest accomplishment:
My kids. Sorry, I really can't give you anything else on this one. My kids, who they became, what they accomplished. No, of course not, they didn't all accomplish big things, I'm not that great of a mentor to turn them all into genius, but even those who only did small things, they did things. They made something of themselves, and that's what I wanted for all of them. Find someone to love, build a family, find work they enjoyed.

Your greatest failure:
Jeremy. He's... was one of my kids. It was during a period when I was really busy with life. I was still working, the firm was undergoing changes and I missed the signs. When he called I was distracted, I didn't pay attention. He and his boyfriend had broken up, it was messy and he had a breakdown. He was institutionalized. They filled him with pills, probably did other things. His parents blamed me so I wasn't allowed to see him there. When they released him a year and a half later he was a shadow of himself. I tried to help him, but again, his family wouldn't let me.
He killed himself a few months after that.

What do you consider your greatest strength:
That I care.

Your greatest weakness:

Chocolate! What did you think I was going to say my kids again?

How do you compensate for your weakness(es):

It's chocolate, you don't compensate, you give in.

Are you well-liked? Why or why not? If not, would you want to change that? What changes would you be willing to make:
Over all I am. Like I said, my kids still come around and they certainly like me. Some of their family don't like that I'm still close to them. "Not natural," they like to claim. Like there being age gaps between friend is a bad thing.

What one thing is essential to having a good day? Or Describe your hypothetical best day ever:
The best day ever would have to be...let's see. A barbeque where all my kids and my family show up. I'd probably have to lease out the park in its entirety to fit everyone, but that would be an amazing day.

What is your decision-making process:
I tend to be analytical, I get that from my years at the firm.

Who do you admire most:
Mother Theresa. Really? Come on, I get she died a long time ago, but all the good work she did.... Really? Nothing? Don't they teach you kids anything at school anymore? Look her up on the internet.

Which Deadly Sin would you be:
Lust. Yeah, I'm not surprised. We do love sex in my family.

Who is your role model:
Well, I had a few while I was working, but those were all people how were successful investors. Warren Buffett was a big one. In my personal life I can't say I've ever looked to other people as representing who I should me.

What is your favorite book:
That list would bore you. All investment books. I still read them, since I'm still managing my own money, as well as that of some friends. No, Damian took over managing the family money a few years ago. I didn't mind. It let me focus on mentoring.

What is your weapon of choice:
I don't see a point in fighting. Yes, I have gotten into fights when I was younger, but that's not what you're implying here. I never look for a fight. I'm a lot like Damian in that I believe any situation can be defused before it escalates to fighting.

Do you have any spiritual belief/s:
Everyone has the right to be happy. To do what he or she wants so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

If you could be in a Disney movie, what would your role be:
I don't know? Merlin in that animated King Arthur movie? I don't remember the title. Yes, that sounds about right. I'd be him, the goofy magician doing his best to help.

Which emoji describes you the best:
Can't we make those of ourselves these days? That's what I'd be. An emoji of me.

TCN Interview, Bobby Orr


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