"As if" by Kinaj

"As if"


31 December 2016 at 09:52:39 MST

New Year's Resolutions. I think most can relate on describing them with the words "as if". As if I would really get that stuff done.

Anyway, 2017 will be the first year after a while, where I will gonna take my resolutions serious. Maybe even the first time ever? Not sure actually.

Apart from losing wheight, most of my resolutions are connected to drawing.
First I wanna get the stuff done I load every day in my sai but don't finish them.
Then I wanna finish my first round Ask the Cast and do at least one new one in 2017.
Wanna finally do that Alex comic and do another one this year.
I wanna work on Nick's universe.
I wanna put Jess more in her well deserved focus again.
The same time I wanna draw more of the characters I've barely drawn do far.
Also it wouldn't be bad to give more of my characters refs. At least one or two more.
And last but probably not least, I wanna draw more rule34 this year. Especially some more Perdita :P

Only about six hours till 2016 ends here. Even though 2016 will stuck for many as one of the worst years ever, for some probably more than others, for me personally I can't say it was bad, at least not worse than other years. It even had some great parts. I got to know a great guy who now is one of my closest friends.
I got my Abitur. Didn't help me too much to already go to university, but 2017 then x3
And even though I hit rock bottom with my depression, I also got nearly fully free of them. I mean, sometimes I still get down, but compared to a few months ago, there are worlds between.
Also yay my art got tons better this year :D

Anyway, 2017. I honestly don't expect it more from it than from 2016. (They promised me snow and I already got disappointed DX) But we will see. For sure it won't be boring.

Now, don't wanna keep this describtion any longer and just wish you guys a good, lucky, successful, and joyful 2017. Even with all the shit it might have ready for you, it shall not end you.

Nick, Art © Kinaj Kinaj

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