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Captured and constricted (Story) by KimpZe

Captured and constricted (Story)


*The small fox had been searching for hours, only finding very few blueberries for a pie he had planned to bake for the next day.
Sighing as he was walking along the trail, seeing how the sky darkens he doesn't want to loom to long in the forest, thinking to himself what scary creatures might lurk here in the night…
But just as he thought about that something caught his attention, blueberries!
He needed more for his pie, so he overlooked the fact that it’s getting dark, thinking it will just be a quick detour for those sweet little berries, which was growing a bit of the trail, in the thick forest.

As he was finding more of the trail, wandering deeper he got a slight chill down his spine, as if something or someone was watching him, but he shrugged it off, continuing to harvest those sweet berries.
Then suddenly he felt the presence of something, looming somewhere around him, sending a strong shiver down his spine, he slowly turns and looks around, not seeing anything in sight, wondering what the source of this feeling could be.
His voice trembling a bit as he ask nervously “H-hello, is anyone there?”
Not expecting an answer, only to calm his nerves with the lack of response… But then
“Hello, mammal”

The voice breaking the silence of the woods abruptly, and at the same time the presence had made itself very clear, a pair of glowing, yellow eyes embracing him rather swiftly, chocked by fear from this the fox stays frozen in place.
The form of a large serpent starts emerging from seemingly… nowhere, loops of the long body surrounding him quickly, only able to shake in response, seeing those eyes pierce his whole being.
Then he suddenly felt the panic jolting through him, trying to turn around and run for his life, dropping his little basket of berries, but the coils had already made sure to block every route of escape, making him trip and fall over them.

The fox squirms and flails a bit, seeing how more and more of those large loops of strong muscles appear, seemingly endless, engulfing his entire being swiftly, holding him in place in his vulnerable state.
Feeling how his neck got a strong loop around it, his squirming so very restricted at this point, his weak muscles not even close to move the strong muscles of this serpent which had caught him, now having him in its mercy…
Then in the corner of his eyes he sees the head of his capturer, how those big yellow eyes stare right at him, how a seemingly big smile as it stares back, the next thing that happened made the fox yelp out in surprise and fear.
The snake had opened its maw, revealing those large fangs, and seeing the large inside of the snake’s mouth, how it led into a dark deep passage, so wet from salvation.
At the same time as the colors of the serpent changes, matching his own fur-markings. The Red base fur, his white belly-fur and even his dark marking on his muzzle.
All this so much for him to take in, not able to comprehend much on what’s happening, just feeling how fear and panic strikes him, captured and at the mercy of this large predator.
Then hearing how its voice breaks the silence which had been looming over them since he had been securely coiled up, making his entire being freeze in total fear, hearing it say.
“I got you now fox…”

Feeling how the extremely dominant presence and the coils around him starts squeezing harder and harder, restricting his neck firmly, making It next to impossible to breath in, as the rest of the muscles strongly squeezes his ribcage and body, not able to expand them if this goes on, making him squirm, but to no avail, not even able to budge a single coil, truly captured by the large predator… *

It feels so good to have drawn again, after such a long absence!

This is a liking of mine that i have explored a bit more lately, and i felt drawing this with myself, so you could say this is a bit of a personal treat.
Due to the nature of the image i have made a warning thumbnail, so you don't just accidentally click the image and seeing something that you wouldn't want to see.

It was really fun drawing, and the first time i drew a snake, which was quite interesting and a bunch of fun too, and i got lots of helpful tips and constructive critique from the very talented inkanyamba please check her gallery out if you like this type of art.

It also happens to be her who is holding me captive in her strong coils.. o gosh >//<.

Magnificent Snake: inkanyamba

Art and fox: kimpze

(Link to alternative versions and compositions: )

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