Warrior of the Light by kimmykun

Warrior of the Light


24 April 2015 at 15:34:03 MDT

A drawing based of my paladin character in Final Fantasy XIV that I drew during a livestream.

I still plan on returning to this one and draw a black mage beside me. :P

Final Fantasy XIV is © of Square-Enix

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    Impressive! I've never seen your character so at one with such a specific subject matter. By that I mean your attention to thematic detail, body posture, facial expression and just overall mood is clearly evident. Even the coloring, despite primarily using shades of gray (for the purpose of the armor), appears more vivid than usual. To think it already looks this good without shading, which would add even more dimension!

    The armor detail is especially noteworthy. The individual plated sections are very well drawn; the curves thrown in to accommodate the anthro aspects of the character (like the legs, for instance) really contribute to the design's realism. I love how the gauntlets look, right down to the tiny plated fingers; and the chain-mail sections are nice. Lastly, the engraving of the trademark "xIv" symbol on the top of the shield is a lovely little touch to the fanart/cosplay.

    I look forward to seeing more work from you of this caliber! Keep it up.

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      I almost never put this much detail and thought into works, but I definitely should! XD

      Either way, thank you very much! I'll try and keep it up. :)