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December Special at Patreon by kimmykun

December Special at Patreon


1 December 2014 at 09:21:39 MST

Thanks to the people at Patreon's patronage. I've been able to get a new tablet, more drawing supplies and even upgrade my computer (now I can open TWO softwares at once! =D).

So, to say thanks, this December, I'll be posting two pages a week for people at Patreon. One at Wednesdays and one at Fridays, for the remainder of the month.

On the schedule above, you can see what pages will be posted, and when.

This is exclusive to people on Patreon, but do not fret! I'll still be posting the regular pages at Fridays.

If you're still not a patron, for as little as 1$ per month, you can have access to all that.

And if you're not a patron and neither is planning to be, don't worry, cause you are still AWESOME!
Not just any comic can manage to get a thousand views in a matter of days. This is no big feat, and it's being made possible thanks to you guys!

Stay awesome and happy December for everyone. :)

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