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Killerwolf1020's Streaming Image by Killerwolf1020

Killerwolf1020's Streaming Image


9 December 2015 at 14:43:23 MST

The new image I will be using when my streams will be up, keep an eye out for this image and which boxes are checked.

This submission is a base image (pretty much alerting people what to look for)

I will be using this channel for my streams. Rules are on the stream channel description. I may or may not have a movie going on the side.

During the upcoming weeks I will be holding streams. Anyone can join, just be warned, some streams will not be for underage groups.

Check box meanings (for those who don't know):

SFW: Meant for all ages. No sexual content or violence that involves blood or gore.
NSFW: Meant for adults ONLY (18+)! Will contain sexual content and maybe blood or gore. Do not watch if you are underage.
Personal: I will be working on art of my own choosing. This may be for myself, friends, or other just random events.
Commissions: I will be working on art paid for by a customer. Commissions may or may not be accepted at this time. I will say if they are or not on the stream description.
Freebies: I will be offering one or more free art requests. There will be rules and my TOS must still be followed. If I am offering freebies the description will say what exactly I am offering.

Art and Character © Killerwolf1020

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