TICA Cat Coloring Book Page 9 by kikidoodle (critique requested)

TICA Cat Coloring Book Page 9 (critique requested)


19 August 2016 at 14:24:54 MDT

Page 9 of the coloring book pages I did for TICA! (The International Cat Association) tica.org/colorbook Feel free to color, and tweet with hashtag #TICApurrfect (download for full res)

This page was all about getting your cats taken care of, with yearly vaccinations and check ups! It's something I strongly support so I am glad it was required as a page in the coloring book :3 It strongly reminds me of when I used to work in a pharmacy...

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    shes all "let me press this stethoscope against your arm" and the cat's all "lol ok" o3o

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      To depict the accurate representation of having 4 vets pinning down a cat to accurately take readings from it wasn't as visually cute xD

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        xDD but why does the cat have stitches like a stuffed animal

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          Those are fur lines.

          btw, I know you're trying to be playful, but it's coming across as a little rude. There's a huge difference between writing a critique pointing out those same things, or having your comment sound like it's just making fun of the art.

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          as an fyi, not mad at you, but realizing I'm at the tip of aggravation and warning you before I DO feel mad!
          I appreciate the comments :) Just the tone was grating at me a little.