Blue Dragon watercolor by kikidoodle (critique requested)

Blue Dragon watercolor (critique requested)


8 December 2015 at 21:37:45 MST

dragondecember day 8! A mini watercolor painting!

When I miss days on here, I Do tend to post to my Tumblr, instead!

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    Psst, when you do work like this, do you put down pencil lines first, or do you use a light table to trace from your original sketch?

    I always liked using light tables :3 99% chance of NOT screwing over my watercolor paper with graphite :D

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      I have a light table, but I always just wind up sketching right onto the paper! I sketch super light, so I don't really have much of a problem. I then do a super light handed draw-over with the watercolored pencils, which I then erase out using a kneeded eraser (helps prevent them from staining the paper as much, too)

      Some of my sketchier work I just sketch right in with pencil and then watercolor right over that, regardless of what I wind up with!

      I should probably try out my light table more, though :p

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        Why sketch over with the H20 pencil? Does it leave a more visible line when you go over it with the kneaded eraser? And I guess with that question, it depends on the paper..? I'm a fan of illustration board, but it IS hard to straighten them back out if they warp under too much water application.

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          Mostly because in a lot of my recent watercolors I've been working with lineart.
          Since watercolor seals in your pencil marks, and I'd rather have none show through, if I do a very light underdrawing with the watercolor pencil, then erase the pencil out, I'll still have my light sketch underneath buuut not in pencil.

          I go over it with the kneeded eraser as it seems to pick up more of the excess pencil, and leaves the watercolor paper less scratched up, than a regular eraser.

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            Hey!!!!! I left this comment from you unreplied so I could remember it when I started working on my commission, and I'm trying this technique out... it's a really good one! I wish I had known about it so much sooner, oh my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing with me!! <3 I'll link it to you when I'm all done if you want!

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    Cool drawing, bur you have to draw the bones of wings more big, wings are hands too, so you have to draw it more big, with wings like that, in anatomy, the poor dragons cant fly, or his wings will broken in the first flight. :)

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      I like to stylize them, with the 100% knowledge that they guys wouldn't fly, hahaa.
      I used to draw out individual bones and make the wings feel a lot more like a large hand, buuut, over time, I just have way more fun playing with the concept of shape and how it fits together into a dragon or a cat or whatever. Basically, it's similar to a shorthand of my feathery wings which also takes my understanding of bird wings, and throws it out the window for visual interest xD

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        haha oh, its style ! I saw wings and I think, poor dragon, cant' fly xD but still looks pretty. The drawing in the link is just beautful :)