Neopets Aisha by kikidoodle (critique requested)

Neopets Aisha (critique requested)


19 October 2015 at 02:15:18 MDT

Today’s daily doodle is basically my whole childhood.

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    Jesus neopets... havent played that thing since 2000 lol. awesome doodle and creature, brings back memories :)

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    OOoh, Neopets. I had Kougras galore. Turned them into their own characters...still have them. LoL. Also went back to the site a few weeks ago just to be curious. It's...sad looking.

    I really like the style on this. Also really relaxing colors. :D

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      hahaa, yeah. I used to be a part of RP groups and all kinds of things back in the day x3 I wrote for the Neopian Times and was minorly Neopets Famous. It was a weird time, hahaa!

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        I checked on the NT constantly. There were some comics I followed close.
        I was on the RP boards CONSTANTLY. I ran a lion king RP guild, role played my Kougras on the boards to. They're really what got me more into drawing my own characters. LoL.
        What a time to be alive. Hahaha.

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          I read all the comics and followed a bunch of the writing xD I was part of a huge group of writers. Oh man, yeah, my childhood was a nerdy thing.

          Did you ever read any of the stories? I wrote The Zafara Assassin. Funny thing is I've actually met people who were originally a fan of my writing, hahaa

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            You know, I never read a lot of the stories. I don't know why! I think for some reason I was never really interested in Neopets as like...story characters. Then again, I didn't actually get into fanfiction years after I started on Neopets anyways. Hahaha. I think I was more about the art at the time.
            I mostly read comics and the...editorial...for...some odd reason. LoL.

            And not going to lie, I totally did a creep search and just found your story. Hahaha.

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              I will fully state that it's probably terrible if you're not reading it at the ripe age of 12-16, though.
              I had some good ideas, though. Maybe one day I'll clean it up and make it less neopets.

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                Hahaha! Well, I'll be watching out for it just in case you do! :D