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Meet the Artist


6 April 2018 at 05:09:05 MDT

So, here's me.
I tried to be as accurate as possible with my big nose and pale freckles and all that jazz. My eyes are usually half open (Unless I'm scared, then they open fully) and I have quite the resting bitch face. |"D
I also forgot to draw my necklace in there, so I'll add that in later when I can finally find it for reference. X.X''
I typically wear black, olive green, or teal, but I do vary it sometimes with some bright and festive colors during special occasions!

.. And yes, I didn't draw my shoes because I hate wearing and drawing shoes (though the irony is that I hate wearing socks, too. I just didn't feel like drawing toes. LMAO).

Other dumb facts about me that I forgot to put in/couldn't:
-I have big teeth for some reason (I'm guessing it's an Irish thing??)
-My freckles don't usually show up unless I'm in direct sunlight, albeit, there are a few regular ones that are visible even without direct lighting.
-I have a freckle on my left boob.. HAHA
-And another on my stomach.. And my side...
-I have too many.. HELP
-My hair used to be super ginger-ish when I was a baby/younger, but over the years it's gotten darker and now it's all copper-y and only looks gold-ish in the direct sunlight.
-My hair gets even darker around Winter because I don't go outside as much.
-I'm definitely vitamin D deficient. KLJDALKSJF

((I belong to myself LMAO))

((This was sketched in a 0.7mm mechanical pencil and done in Adobe Photoshop CC.))

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