PREHD toy promo by Kijibwa

Announcer: Power Rangers: Evolve Hyper Drive!

Red Ranger fighting with staff
Master of Flames and the power Infernape, Gon Soku Infernred and pokemon partner Kiki

Green Ranger shooting gunblade at the enemies
Master of plants and the power of Leafeon, Shenzan Leafeon green and his partner Orchid

Black Ranger slashing enemies with katana.
Master of Winds and the power of Staraptor, Motao Starablack and his pokemon partner Hurri.

Blue Rangers fighting with knaw doe
Master of Thunder and the power Pachirisu, Mulen PachiBlue and her Pokemon partner Ming

Pink Ranger wielding double bladed short sword
Master of Water and the power Buizel, Mulin BuizelPink and her pokemon partner Whirlpool.
Announcer: The action figure are here each with holographic chestplate show the their symbol their pokemon power and got battle action feature.

InfernRed figure twirl staff

LeafeonGreen figure draw gunblade

StaraBlack figure Slash sword

PachriBlue figure swing kwan doe

BuizelPink figure slash short swords
Each figure also include a battle card chip to use with the Evolver gauntlet.

InfernRed: Flygon !!!
Armor Flygon appear flying down to him, He get and ride it

Announcer: There are also the Battle Flygons, Each come with a metallix Power Rangers action figures. You'll also get a free booklet that will shows you upcoming toys and get a limited edition battle card chip . Power Rangers: Evolver Hyper Drive coming soon.

PREHD toy promo


28 April 2014 at 14:53:19 MDT

A make up toy promo for my fanfic.

PowerRangers own by Saban, Toei, and Bandai, Pokémon own by Gamefreak ninitendo

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