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on 10 August 2015 at 23:50:30 MDT

So I've done some thinking, and I've decided to start over fresh. I won't get too into it, but there are things I need to learn to step away from, and move past— the name Kiha isn't me anymore, and honestly hasn't been in years. It's a remnant of a pretty bad time, toxic feelings, yadda-yadda, so it's gotta go. I sold off my fursona Kiha over a year ago, too, so... Is there even really a reason for me to be here anymore?

Anyway, I'm moving accounts. I'm not sure how active I'll be, but I'm trying to get myself out of lurking and into posting more. I feel like I've really grown out of the furry thing, for a lot of personal reasons, but I still love animal characters. I even have a new character (not really a fursona; it's complicated), Starfrit the seadragoness, who was my main inspiration for my Mersona.

So, if you're interested, follow me on over to Starfrit Starfrit, where I'll be posting some stuff about my adventures in Mermaiding, my Mersona Starfrit, as well as developing some of my other personal characters. There's not much of interest there at the moment, but I'm slowly getting the artistic juices flowing and getting back into creative writing again, so I've got that going for me.

As of now, this account is a dead one, and I'll be clearing it out over the next few days.


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    Thanks for the follow!

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    You have some lovely linework and character design! Thank you so much for following. :)

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    You have some very nice looking art, that is where they are all coming from. Still working on getting set up myself. Hope people don't think it's odd that I do a lot more then just anthro characters. Seems most of what I see is in the category of anthro so far, so my other pieces feel a bit out of place. But, I'm an artist of many types, so I draw what ever grabs my interest and fancy. XD

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      Thanks for following me! :D And your art is super cute, so I'm following you back!

      I don't think anybody will find it weird that you do more than anthro characters; a lot of the people I follow here are the same way, myself included! :D To my understanding Weasyl is trying to appeal to artists of all types, not just anthro, just where so much of their initial advertising/pr-stuff was inside the furry fandom, there's still a larger portion of furry artists. Hopefully that doesn't discourage you at all!

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        No, it doesn't, not really. I have a few friends that were members of Fur mostly because it was a community that would be good for posting anthro based OCs and fan character. And I've heard from a few that there is some bad vibe stuff happening over at Fur, though I don't know many details, and some of the members have left and are looking for a new home :( And Weaysl provided one.

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        And thanks for the follow back! I'll have lots more stuff to post up too, though it might take a while.

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    Thank you for following me!

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    okay, no more guessing IT'S ME! Did I fool you? <3 I'm tricky!