Kiguren ref 2015 by Kiguren

Kiguren ref 2015


19 March 2015 at 17:12:04 MDT

Well, this is long overdue. My last "realistic" ref of Kiguren was made back in 2009.
Even my toony reference is already more than 3 years old. (While that toony one is still usable i REALLY needed one with some more info on it and all that.)

I didn't change a whole lot with this ref. I removed certain stripes and changed the pattern on her back. She used to have a long vertical stripe that went all the way from her head to the bottom of her back. I like the new arrow pattern a lot more. (Not that you will see it often since she is always dressed.)
I also changed up the yellow parts of her fur. It now covers a bit more of her face and i made her vingers yellow too.

I also wanted to note that i use the same critter both as a character and as an "IRL" representation of myself. On the outside there is only a difference in clothing. Kig always wears some kind of pants/uniform while i always wear skirts IRL.

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    IRL Kig best Kig. Awesome ref!

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      Ha, thank you. ^^

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    Love your character and would love to draw her someday again! ♥