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Ordinary Werewolf Adventures - Support! by Kigai-Holt

Ordinary Werewolf Adventures - Support!


15 April 2015 at 18:08:21 MDT

Before you delete this please read!

Ordinary Werewolf Adventures is NOT going 'pay-to-see.' I'm not giving patrons early access to panels, or anything like that. Strips will be released as usual: When they are finished!

However I'd like to make more of them, hence my second attempt at Patreon. Getting any financial support, even $1 a month, will help me get more of these ideas on paper, and released to you!

As I said, patrons are not receiving anything early, nor are they getting exclusivity to pages. All patrons get are a few extra opportunities with the comic!
    -Behind the Scenes photos & Works in Progress
    -Opportunities for free sketches & raffles
    -Opportunities to give your ideas for the comic. 
    -And finally, opportunities to improve the comic strips.

Thanks for all your support in my making of this comic, if you'd like to see more of it, please consider helping me out with it!………